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Improving Your Customers' Bone & Joint Health with Nutriforce

Research shows that currently over 40 million Americans suffer from the pain of osteoarthritis which can lead to serious mobility issues. This disease causes the cartilage that protects the bones in our joints to slowly disappear. When this happens we experience pain with every movement. For many people this pain leads them to their family physician who prescribes a virtual cocktail of drugs to help with the problem. At Nutriforce our research has shown that with the use of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements your customers may never have to see their doctor for this particular problem.

Why Glucosamine?

Glucosamine can be found in the joints as a naturally occurring substance, however as we age our bodies produce less of it and after years of abuse to our joints the cartilage begins to thin and damage begins to occur to the joints themselves. This causes the pain that your customers are complaining of, yet with the addition of a glucosamine supplement such as that manufactured by Nutriforce for private label distribution much of this can be avoided.

Glucosamine is the most common bone & joint supplement currently being sold in the US; in fact a recent study shows that it is the number one selling supplement on the market. It not only helps to reduce the pain, glucosamine has been found to actually help the cartilage repair itself and reverse the effects of years of use and abuse to the joints. Most drugs can help with the pain, but none of them have been found to work towards rebuilding the cartilage that is the cause of the pain.

What about Chondroitin?

Research has shown that chondroitin when taken on a regular basis can help to alleviate the pain associated with degenerative osteoarthritis and may even be able slow down or reverse its progression. This is because chondroitin consists of chains of molecules known as glycosaminoglycans or GAGs more often referred to as glycoproteins. In the research done by Nutriforce and others this substance has been found to help repair the connective matrix that has been associated with both bone & joint abuse over the years.

Chondroitin is a major substance in cartilage and is vital to maintaining the overall stability of this protective covering and the bone & joint that it protects. The majority of supplements including the one that Nutriforce offers for private label manufacturing are a combination of both supplements to achieve maximum results. Our research along with that of the best medical minds in the word have found that this combination when taken on a regular basis can help build a strong foundation for all of your joints that will help keep you and your customers mobile for many years.

If you have customers that have been diagnosed with any form of degenerative joint disease, you need to recommend that they get started on a daily regimen of your private label glucosamine/chondroitin as soon as possible. Where none of the various drugs on the market have been found to do more than offer short term relief, these supplement have not only been found to relieve both bone & joint pain, they can help them to rebuild over time and repair the damage that has been done.

Why Nutriforce?

Finding the right private label manufacture for bone & joint supplements can be a challenge, there are so many companies that trying to sort the wheat from the chaff can seem impossible. At Nutriforce we understand that when you put your name on a private label manufactured product you are also putting your reputation on the line. Unlike selling major brand products, when your name is on a product it directly affects what your customers think of you.

Your customers come to you in search of products that work; they want to know that when they buy a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement from you that it is actually going to help with reducing their joint pain. In order to ensure that your customers get the results they are looking for every product we manufacture for private label vendors such as yourself is made from the finest raw materials available. Our teams of buyers search the markets of the world to find these raw materials at the lowest possible price in order to pass the savings on to you.

While we have our own in house blends that work well for the majority of our clients, we offer the services of our research and development teams to help you develop your own products. Not everyone is content to go with a mainstream blend and as such while we maintain a vast catalog of nutritional supplements for bone & joint health as well as dozens others for private label packaging, we are always ready to create your own custom blends.

What we Offer to You

Nutriforce is located in Florida; we offer a state of the art modern private label manufacturing facility that is at your disposal to provide you with a full range of products from our own catalog or custom blend them form your own formulas. In order to ensure that both our own line of supplements and any that you would like to have meet your customers' physiological needs, we have our own staff of nutritionists and herbalists.

Our manufacturing facility is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration to manufacture, package and sell a full range of dietary supplements. Many of our products meet the strict dietary requirements of Halal as determined by the Islamic Services of America or ISA. Unlike many of the upstart companies that are just now coming online, we have years of experience and an impeccable reputation for providing superior quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplement to the private label retail markets.

You can feel confident that when you contract with Nutriforce to manufacture your private label bone & joint supplements or any of the other supplements in our catalog, you will be getting the finest products that money can buy at a price that will allow your customers to get the supplements they need at an affordable price. Our customer service department has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent service and is ready to help you get started on building your own line of superior private label products, contact them today and let them show how it feels to deal with the best in the business.

Nutriforce Nutrition is the recognized cGMP leader in providing custom manufacturing and private labeling of vitamins, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, nutritional sports supplements, and other health related products.

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