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All Nutriforce Supplements are Additive Free for a Reason

The number of people relying on some form of nutritional supplement to improve their health is exploding and as such the industry is booming. This can make it very difficult for a small company that is looking for a private label manufacturer to supply them with superior quality additive free vitamins and supplements. At Nutriforce all of our products are additive free and are in full compliance with all FDA and cGMP requirements to ensure that your customers get what they are paying for and nothing else.

The Problem with Mass Manufacturers

One of the biggest problems facing buyers of nutritional supplements today is that the manufacture of these supplements is not regulated. As such you will find that there are literally thousands of products on the market that make claims they cannot substantiate. Since the FDA does not regulate the supplement industry many of the different supplements may only contain a trace of the active ingredient with the rest of the supplement being taken up by fillers and additives.

Nutriforce has found that in order to make a superior quality nutritional supplement, it is not necessary to add anything that is not an active ingredient to our complete line of products. All of the supplement, vitamins and minerals are additive free. The problems lie that many of the additive being used as fillers have been found in studies to either completely useless or in some cases have been found to cause allergic reaction or have unpleasant side effects.

Among the additives that are often found in mass produced vitamins and supplements are substances such as silica, which is basically a form of ground sand added to the powder in both pills and capsules as an anti-caking agent. Silicon dioxide is used in the manufacture of products such as glass, abrasives such as sandpaper and many electronics item.

Does this sound like something that is healthy to ingest into your body? The research team here at Nutriforce does not think so and does not use them in the manufacture of any of our products. In fact OSHA requires that a Material Safety Data Sheet be posted at all facilities using Silicon Dioxide proclaiming is to be a hazardous chemical that requires special handling procedures.

What about Liquid Vitamins and Supplements?

Here again you are likely to run into problems in the major brand name manufacturing system. Finding additive free liquid vitamins and supplements is becoming more difficult as the manufacturers are continually trying to find ways to cut costs. At Nutriforce we know that you customers trust you to provide them with the best additive free vitamins and nutrition supplements available. Your customers want to know that they supplements they are taking are actually going to improve their health, not add new problems that may not show up for several years.

One of the most common additives used in liquid vitamins and supplements is sodium or potassium benzoate. When mixed with vitamin C or ascorbic acid it can form benzene, which is a product that is used in the manufacture of things like cleaning detergents, nylon, plastic and many other unsavory chemicals. The EPA and the Department of Health and Human Services have both determined that benzene is a carcinogenic chemical. Nutriforce does not use any form of benzoate in any of our supplements. All of the ingredients used in the manufacture of our supplements are natural, we do not use any ingredient that has been found to be harmful or cause any know side effects in the manufacture of our private label vitamins and supplements.

Your customers come to you looking for products that are designed to help them feel healthier and that actually work. As a private label manufacturer of vitamins, minerals we at Nutriforce understand this and because of it our research team is dedicated to finding ways to manufacturing all of our products to be additive free. We want you to be able to sell our products to your customers with confidence in the fact that they are all natural and perfectly safe.

Is it Possible for All Supplements to be Additive Free?

When you go the supermarket and look at the various name brand vitamins and mineral supplement, you need to take a close look at the labels. What you read may shock you, most of them contain a host of additives that claim to help with digestion or make them easier to swallow. Some are used to keep the powders from caking. This might lead a person to believe that these additives are a necessary part of these supplements.

When you buy your private label vitamins and supplement from Nutriforce you will find that they are all additive free. This is because we manufacture all of our products using all natural products and as such we have found that the do not need the unnecessary additives that so many other manufactures seem to feel are necessary in the manufacture of vitamins, minerals and supplements. All of the private label supplements manufactured by Nutriforce are designed to do only one thing and that is to improve the health of your customers.

What Can I Expect when Working with Nutriforce?

Nutriforce offers a complete line of all natural, additive free private label nutrition supplements ready to package in your custom packaging. If you do not see what you have in mind or have your own formulas that you would like to have manufactured, we have access to the finest raw materials in the world. Our buyers take great pride in being able to find these ingredients in locations all over the world at the best possible prices.

At Nutriforce we will work with you to manufacture any size production run you require, whether you are a small private spa or a retail chain our state of the art manufacturing facilities can handle you order with superior quality private label nutritional supplements and a rapid turnaround time. When you are ready to give your customers access to the finest additive free nutritional supplements on the market today, contact our sales department and together we will get started on creating your own private label supplements.

Nutriforce Nutrition is the recognized cGMP leader in providing custom manufacturing and private labeling of vitamins, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, nutritional sports supplements, and other health related products.

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