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Supplement Manufacturing – Keeping Stress in Check with Anti-Stress Supplements

November 4th, 2010 | Posted under Stress Management, Supplements | 1 Comment

Supplement Manufacturing - Keeping Stress in Check with Anti-Stress SupplementsBy and by as we travel through life, each day brings us new issues and challenges that we have to overcome. As problems in the economy mount, business and job issues continue to rise and a growing shortage of jobs continues to mount people are turning to anti-stress supplements and other ways to make their days more manageable. This provides a vast opportunity for any individual interested in supplement manufacturing and the sale of private label vitamins to supply people with a much needed anti-stress supplement.

Stress is unavoidable, we need to recognize that. People have long been suffering its effects and now more than ever they are recognizing the after-effects of stress. While short term stress can trigger behavioral issues over a short span of time that are easily correct (and may even trigger beneficial behavior such as increased response time and enhanced alertness) chronic stress is now being shown to produce long term damage to the body including irreparable damage to the heart muscle.

A variety of internal and external factors cause people to develop stress in a variety of ways. Because of this variance in the source of stress (and the fact that there are good forms of stress) it’s difficult for practitioners of modern science and traditional western medicine to peg a specific method for inhibiting chronic stress completely. To do so with any kind of private label vitamin or prescription medication would inhibit the positive stress factors as well.

For the human body work effectively, stress must be managed accordingly. While proper dietary habits and exercise play a larger role in the management of stress the human body still relies on vitamins and minerals to function normally on a daily basis. When these vitamins and minerals become deficient, they trigger responses in the body that can become a catalyst for stress.

When manufacturing supplements and working with a variety of ingredients, it’s important to remember that no specific ingredient is going to manage stress appropriately for every individual. For this reason, many vitamin manufacturers that create anti-stress supplements do so using a variety of ingredients to generate a type of multi-vitamin.

For the common individual, a manufactured vitamin supplement or multivitamin that works to counter and control stress will have a greater appeal than prescription medication that inhibits chemical reactions – specifically because most people don’t particularly care for the side effects that typically come bundled with prescription medications. A supplement made from natural vitamins and minerals carrying little to no side effects will typically win out in preference.

Why Anti-Stress Supplements and Stress Management Are Important

As mentioned, it’s impossible for us to avoid stress. For the most part, our body reacts accordingly and functions normally off of eustress (good stress). The problems arise when there is an excess of distress (bad stress). The physiological signs of excessive bad stress can put an unmanageable load on the circulatory system. Not only does this affect respiratory function and common organ processes but it directly affects the heart through increased heart rate – often caused by constriction of the arterial paths. The heart fights this constriction by pumping harder which weakens the muscle over time, increases blood pressure on a regular basis and can lead to heart disease.

Understanding the Compounds of Anti-Stress Supplements

Vitamin manufacturers often rely on specific formulas for their most popular products, and the same can be said for many anti-stress supplements. There are specific ingredients used in a variety of formulas because of the way they interact with our bodies to help reduce stress. We’ll detail a few of the ingredients here:


This is a compound that has been found in a variety of berries and nuts and has displayed a great deal of potential in counteracting chronic stress to support positive heart health. A study conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center, in cooperation with the Indiana University School of Medicine and Dublin City University, found that the plant-based compound can often trigger responses in the body that prevent heart tissue damage brought on by elevated stress.

In addition to causing tissue damage in the body, stress is also known to accelerate the physical signs of aging. This is commonly attributed to the stress that is placed on the organ systems throughout the body when a person is under high levels of stress. Stress also reduces the nutrients in the body that are commonly used for maintenance and repair. When you beat up your car but never repair it then the signs of it are clearly visible. The same goes for the body. A research study conducted by the National Institute on Aging, alongside New York Medical College, found that resveratrol may trigger genetic reactions in the body that counteract these changes.

While Resveratrol is not an answer to eliminating chronic stress, it is a common ingredient used by vitamin manufacturers alongside anti-stress supplement ingredients to help counteract the effects of stress which have often been occurring for some time in most people before they opt to seek out supplemental help.

Vitamin C

This is held in high esteem as it promoted over-all health; boosted immune systems, better teeth and gum health, anti-infection and anti-viral qualities as well as being a powerful antioxidant.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps to protect the body from free radicals that can deal long term damage to the body such as hastening the aging process of the organ systems. A study done by the University of Alabama in Huntsville revealed that large doses of vitamin C can combat illness by lightening the body’s normal response to stress.

When our bodies are deficient in vitamins and minerals, the organ systems can become extremely sluggish and in same extreme cases inoperable. Any time an organ begins to function below maximum capacity it can create stress on the other systems within the body. The long term damage can be wide spread considering the way the organs are linked. Vitamin manufacturers regularly include Vitamin C in multivitamins and other anti-stress supplements to ensure that the user is taking in the full spectrum of vital nutrients and vitamins.

It’s a necessary component of multivitamins and anti-stress supplements because our bodies cannot make their own vitamin C. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is easily excreted, so it’s one of the vital nutrients that our bodies go through quickly. While there is a substantial amount of vitamin C within food sources, most foods have to undergo storage, prep, washing, etc. Once this occurs, most of the vitamin C is washed out or destroyed. For this reason, the most effective and reliable source of this antioxidant is through supplements created by a supplement manufacturer.

It is possible to take too much of a good thing however, and vitamin toxicity can create a significant amount of stress on the body as well – especially the vital organs. Because of this, the US Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is 90 mg/day for an adult male, and 75 mg/day for an adult female. A higher or lower dosage may be recommended depending on the specific needs of the individual.

B Complex Group Vitamins

Research has shown that levels of vital B vitamins (b1, b3, b6, b9 and b12) can become low on a daily basis. When this occurs, mood can drop and a person can develop feelings of anxiety and depression. When there are problems with controlling the levels of B nutrients in the body then it directly affects the neurotransmitter in the brain relating to the production of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Improper regulation of these chemicals can lead to stress on the organ systems. This is why many anti- stress supplements and private label vitamins contain complex B group vitamins.

Because these vitamins cannot be stores in the body, they need to be restored on a daily basis. Some of the essential B vitamins are available in common food sources such as brown rice, whole grains, legumes, green vegetables, meat, eggs, etc. unfortunately some complex B groups aren’t as readily available. Many people turn to supplements to make sure they get a full run of B vitamins as a part of their diet.

Including these in supplement manufacturing can create an additional draw for those seeking not only stress management but a more complete run of their daily vitamin requirement.


When the body becomes stressed, it tries to release magnesium into the bloodstream for circulation throughout the body. When there is a deficiency, the body activates a stress response which can trigger muscle tension and cramping. In order for muscles to relax properly they need magnesium, making this a more common and helpful ingredient in anti-stress supplement manufacturing in order to relieve physical stress symptoms.

These are just a few of the many natural ingredients that supplement manufacturers utilize to create a precise formula for counteracting stress and restoring the damage of distress in the body. Formulas are easily modified, and any combination of ingredients can be created in varying doses that will apply to users of varying stress levels.

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  • monir

    November 6th, 2010 13:50

    thanks for information, this product is properiotry

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